Managing finances for kids and teens -UX study case

HSBC for kids and youth

The overview

The challenge

What are the objectives?

The goals

The research — desk research

With Generation Z — also known as Digital Natives — beginning to come of age, it’s time to combine tried and true financial wisdom with modern solutions to teach our children how to survive, and even thrive, in a world without cash.

Age category regarding the financial system

The findings and insights

The competitors

How might we / I make an app for kids and teens to understand using banking applications and help them prepare for their finances in the future?

what features are suitable?

The personas

user persona

The journey and flows - Create a bank account

create an account flow

Transferring money

Dream list

Design system

Design system

The character for engaging the kids

Character persona

The HiFi — home screen

Home screen

Customize card

Customize card

Mockup HSBC app

What is next?


A new product designer who trying to understand the behavior and experiences of each person to get a new perspective in solving a problem.